Two-dimensional Talbot effect of the optical vortices and their spatial evolution

Denis A. Ikonnikov, Sergey A. Myslivets, Mikhail N. Volochaev, Vasily G. Arkhipkin & Andrey M. Vyunishev. Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 20315 (2020). DOI

We report on the experimental and theoretical study of the near-field diffraction of optical vortices (OVs) at a two-dimensional diffraction grating. The Talbot effect for the optical vortices in the visible range is experimentally observed and the respective Talbot carpets for the optical vortices are experimentally obtained for the first time. It is shown that the spatial configuration of the light field behind the grating represents a complex three-dimensional lattice of beamlet-like optical vortices. A unit cell of the OV lattice is reconstructed using the experimental data and the spatial evolution of the beamlet intensity and phase singularities of the optical vortices is demonstrated. In addition, the self-healing effect for the optical vortices, which consists in flattening of the central dip in the annular intensity distribution, i.e., restoring the image of the object plane predicted earlier is observed. The calculated results agree well with the experimental ones. The results obtained can be used to create and optimize the 3D OV lattices for a wide range of application areas.