New triple molybdate K5ScHf(MoO4)(6): Synthesis, properties, structure and phase equilibria in the M2MoO4-Sc-2(MoO4)(3)-Hf(MoO4)(2) (M = Li, K) systems

Grossman, Victoria G.; Bazarova, Jibzema G.; Molokeev, Maksim S.; at all JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY DOI: 10.1016/j.jssc.2019.121143

Subsolidus phase relations in the M2MoO4-Sc-2(MoO4)(3)-Hf(MoO4)(2) = Li, K) systems have been studied by the method of "intersecting cuts". No new triple molybdates have been identified in the Li2MoO4-Sc-2(MoO4)(3)-Hf(-MoO4)(2) system and a new triple molybdate K5ScHf(MoO4)(6) is formed in the K2MoO4-Sc-2(MoO4)(3)-Hf(MoO4)(2) system. The structure of K5ScHf(MoO4)(6), have been determined in space group R (3) over barc through Rietveld analysis of X-ray powder diffraction data. The melting point of molybdate is 999 K. The compound has high ion conductivity (about 10(-3) S cm(-1)).