Dynamics of magnetization in an array of three-layer nanodiscs

Orlov, V. A.; Patrin, G. S.; Orlova, I. N. Vii Euro-asian Symposium Trends In Magnetism. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1389 012005

The paper studies associated motion of magnetic vortices in a triple-layer FM/NM/FM disc array. The connection of magnetic layers' magnetization inside of one disc and between the discs is assured by magnetostatic interaction. The frequencies of magnetic vortex resonant motion have been calculated analytically and resonant curves for the arrays with different alternation of magnetic vortex polarity and chirality have been constructed. It has been shown that despite of a small value of the core magnetic moments, taking their interaction into account leads to a small but significant splitting of the resonant frequency.