Magnetic and resonance properties of exchange spring multilayers [(CoP)(soft)/NiP/(CoP)(hard)](n)

Shiyan, Ya G.; Patrin, G. S.; Patrin, K. G. Journal of Physics VII EURO-ASIAN SYMPOSIUM TRENDS IN MAGNETISM Серия книг: ‏ Journal of Physics Conference Series. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1389/1/012018

The magnetic resonance properties of [(CoP)(soft)/NiP/(CoP)(hard)/NiP](n) exchange-spring multilayer films with a thickness of a nonmagnetic layer 4 nm have been experimentally studied in comparison to data for 2 nm thickness. A noncollinear three-sublattice magnetic structure assumed to be realized similar to the case of 2 nm NiF-layer thickness. The increase in the number of blocks n in the multilayer structure leads to the appearance of the third absorption peak, however, its intensity tends to zero at n -> 20.