Microwave Giant Magnetoresistance and Ferromagnetic and Spin-Wave Resonances in (CoFe)/Cu Nanostructures

Ustinov, V. V.; Rinkevich, A. B.; Vazhenina, I. G.; с соавторами. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL PHYSICS. DOI https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063776120070171

The microwave phenomena that occur in magnetic multilayer (CoFe)/Cu nanostructures, which have a giant magnetoresistance, are studied. The transmission of waves through a nanostructure is used to investigate the microwave giant magnetoresistance effect. The changes in the transmission coefficient at frequencies of 29–38 GHz are found to exceed the relative magnetoresistance, which distinguishes the system under study from the nanostructures studied earlier. Ferromagnetic and spin-wave resonances are used to study the angular dependences of the microwave absorption spectra of a multilayer (CoFe/Cu)n nanostructure. The following parameters are determined: the critical angle that determines the boundaries of the ranges of excitation of uniform and nonuniform spin modes, the type of boundary conditions describing the pinning of spins on the outer nanostructure surfaces, and the surface anisotropy and exchange interaction constants.