Hybrid Tamm-cavity modes in photonic crystal with resonant nanocomposite defect layer

Vetrov SYa, Avdeeva AYu, Pyatnov MV, Timofeev IV. COMPUTER OPTICS. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-CO-637

Hybrid optical modes in a one-dimensional photonic crystal with a resonant nanocomposite defect bounded by a metallic layer are studied. The nanocomposite consists of spherical metallic constituents, that are distributed in a dielectric matrix. Transmittance, reflectance, and absorbance spectra of this structure, which is shined by light with normal incidence, are calculated. The possibility of control of the hybrid modes spectral characteristics by changing the thickness of the layer adjacent to the metal, the number of layers, and the nanocomposite filling factor is shown.