Mode coupling in arrays of Al nanoparticles

Ershov, Alexander E.; Gerasimov, Valeriy S.; Bikbaev, Rashid G.; Polyutov, Sergey P.; Karpov, Sergey, V Journal Of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer.

The mechanisms of coupling between the lattice modes of a two-dimensional (2D) array consisting of Al nanoparticles and the localized modes of individual Al nanoparticles have been studied in detail. The results were obtained employing the finite-difference time-domain method (FDTD) and the generalized Mie theory. It was shown that interactions of single particles with 2D lattice modes significantly change the extinction spectra depending on the particle radius and the lattice period. The Rayleigh anomalies of higher orders contribute to formation of hybrid modes resulting in increase of the extinction efficiency in short wavelength range of the spectrum. It was shown that high intensity magnetic modes are excited in aluminum nanoparticles arrays. The patterns of spatial electromagnetic field distribution at the frequencies of hybrid modes have been studied. We note that comprehensive understanding the mode coupling mechanisms in arrays paves the way for engineering different types of modern photonic devices with controllable optical properties.