Magnetic and Structure Properties of CoPt-In2O3 Nanocomposite Films

Bykova, Liudmila E.; Myagkov, Victor G.; Zhigalov, Victor S.; Matsynin, Alexei A.; Velikanov, Dmitry A.; et al. Journal Of Siberian Federal University-mathematics & Physics. DOI: 10.17516/1997-1397-2020-13-4-431-438

The structural and magnetic properties of CoPt-In2O3 nanocomposite films formed by vacuum annealing of the In/(Co3O4 + Pt)/MgO film system in the temperature range of 100–800 ◦C have been investigated. The synthesized nanocomposite films contain ferromagnetic CoPt grains with an average size of 5 nm enclosed in an In2O3 matrix, and have a magnetization of 600 emu/cm3 , and a coercivity of 150 Oe at room temperature. The initiation 200 ◦C and finishing 800 ◦C temperatures of synthesis were determined, as well as the change in the phase composition of the In/(Co3O4 + Pt)/MgO film during vacuum annealing.