Amorphous and Crystalline Nickel Oxide Films Obtained by the Extraction-Pyrolysis Method for Electrochromic Cells

Belousov, A. L.; Patrusheva, T. N.; Karacharov, A. A.; Ivanenko, A. A.; Kirik, S. D.; et al. Theoretical Foundations Of Chemical Engineering. DOI

This paper reports studies of thin films of nickel oxide obtained by the extraction-pyrolysis method on glass and quartz substrates at temperatures of 380-600 degrees C. The films have been characterized by atomic force microscopy and X-ray diffraction. It is shown that amorphous and crystalline nickel oxide films are formed on the glass. The grain size depends on the annealing temperature, while increased annealing temperatures lead to recrystallization and a decrease in the grain size in NiO films from 130 to 35 nm.