Spin-Wave Resonance in One-Dimensional Magnonic Crystals by an Example of Multilayer Co-P Films

Iskhakov, R. S.; Stolyar, S. V.; Chekanova, L. A.; Vazhenina, I. G. Physics Of The Solid State. https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063783420100121

Layered magnetic films of Co–P alloy, which are sets of laminates with certain atomic and chemical structures, have been investigated by spin-wave resonance. Coatings of two types were synthesized: a magnonic crystal (amorphous Co(P)/fcc Co(P))N and gradient Co(P) films. They exhibit two different modifications of the spin-wave resonance (SWR) spectrum. In the first case, the SWR spectrum is described as Hn(n) ~ n2 with a modification caused by the formation of the first stop band of the magnonic crystal. In the second case, the dependence of resonance fields Hn of the spin-wave modes on mode number n has the form of Hn(n) ~ n2/3. Thermal annealing leads to crystallization (amorphous alloy → fcc) and causes transformation of the layered films to the films of single-phase Co–P alloys, which is accompanied by a change in the shapes of the SWR spectra and occurrence of a “exchange kink” spectral modification.