Elastic, magnetoelastic, magnetopiezoelectric, and magnetodielectric characteristics of HoAl3(BO3)(4)

Bilych, I., V; Kolodyazhnaya, M. P.; Zhekov, K. R.; Zvyagina, G. A.; Fil, V. D.; et al. Low Temperature Physics. DOI: 10.1063/10.0001715

The main elastic moduli and piezoelectric modulus have been measured in holmium alumoborate single crystals. The renormalization of the permittivity, piezoresponse, and sound velocities, driven by the nematic-like paramagnetic phase in the sample, is considered. A significant variability of the results is detected, which is caused, presumably, by the fact that, under the action of external fields, the motion trajectory of the nematic-like phase's director depends on random defects of thermoelastic origin. It is shown that above 5 K, the temperature dependences of the studied parameters are well-described using holmium ion's known ground multiplet spectrum, formed by the interaction with the crystal field. Changes in theC(44)-mode velocity in the sub-Kelvin temperature range are measured.