Inverse and direct magnetoelectric effects in orthorhombic DyMnO3 manganite single crystals

Freidman, A. L.; Semenov, S. V.; Kolkov, M. I.; Terent'ev, K. Yu.; Pavlovskiy, N. S.; et al. Journal Of Applied Physics.

Correlations between the direct and inverse magnetoelectric effects in orthorhombic DyMnO3 single crystals have been investigated. In the inverse magnetoelectric effect, the magnetic moment of the crystal appears to have a contribution that is sinusoidal oscillating in ac electric fields below the temperature TFE of ferroelectric phase transition. The first and the second harmonics of the inverse magnetoelectric effect are clearly detected. The magnetoelectric susceptibilities α and β, corresponding to first and second harmonics, are found to correlate with the derivative of polarization with respect to the magnetic field. The influence of the magnetic and electric regimes during cooling on magnetoelectric effects has also been studied. The maximum change in the magnetic moment of a sample under the action of electric fields is observed under the same (T, H) conditions as the rotation of the spontaneous polarization vector from the crystallographic c direction to the a axis in the magnetic field H || b.