Mie Resonance Engineering in Two Disks

Bulgakov, Evgeny; Pichugin, Konstantin; Sadreev, Almas Photonics. https://doi.org/10.3390/photonics8020049
Recently the recipes to achieve the high-Q subwavelength resonances in an isolated dielectric disk have been reported based on avoided crossing (anticrossing) of the TE resonances under variation of the aspect ratio of the disk. In a silicon disk that recipe gives an enhancement of the Q factor by one order of magnitude. In the present paper we present the approach based on engineering of the spherical Mie resonances with high orbital index in two coaxial disks by two-fold avoided crossing of the resonant modes of the disks. At the first step we select the resonant modes of single disk which are degenerate because of the opposite symmetry. Approaching of the second disk removes this degeneracy because of interaction between the disks. As a result at certain distances we realize the hybridized anti-bonding resonant modes whose morphology becomes close to the spherical Mie resonant mode with high orbital index. Respectively the Q factor of the anti-bonding resonant mode can be enhanced by three orders of magnitude compared to the case of single disk.