Microstrip Diplexer with Pi-Shaped Matching Circuit

Leksikov, Aleksandr A.; Serzhantov, Alexey M.; Goyorun, Ilya, V; Afonin, Aleksey O.; Ugryumov, Andrey, V; et al. PROGRESS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS RESEARCH LETTERS

We propose a new method to match diplexer channels with a common port in which a II-shaped strip conductor is used as a matching circuit. The applicability of the method is illustrated by simulating and fabricating a microstrip diplexer for GPS/GLONASS applications. The central frequencies of the channels are 1.234 GHz and 1.597 GHz, and their fractional bandwidths are 6.8% and 7.3%, respectively; minimum insertion losses are 1.05 dB and 1.08 dB. The main advantage of the diplexer is its compact size: 16.8 mm x 9.0 mm x 6.4 mm in housing. Using 1D models and a quasi-TEM approach, the frequency-dependent coupling coefficients between the matching circuit and input resonators of the channels are calculated, and the influence of the matching circuit's geometrical parameters on its coupling with diplexer channels is studied.