Interaction of a Magnetic Vortex with Magnetic Anisotropy Nonuniformity

Orlov, V. A.; Patrin, G. S.; Orlova, I. N. Journal Of Experimental And Theoretical Physics.

The problem of propagation of a magnetic inhomogeneity in the form of a magnetic vortex near a defect simulated by a crystallite with uniaxial anisotropy has been solved theoretically. The defect (crystallite) is implanted into a homogeneous 2D ferromagnetic matrix. Apart from the anisotropy energy, the term responsible for the existence of a centrosymmetric potential is included into the total energy. For calculations, we have used the method of collective variables (Thiele equation). We have considered the variants of bidirectional and unidirectional anisotropy of the crystallite. Analysis of the equations of motion for different directions of the anisotropy axis of the implanted defect has revealed the variety in the behavior of the vortex core as a quasiparticle. The vortex core can be trapped by the defect with equilibrium position of the vortex at rest directly on the crystallite or during its motion at a certain distance from it. It is shown that for a small damping parameter and in the case when the defect anisotropy axis lies in the plane of the magnet, the vortex moves so as if its core experiences the action of the repulsive axially symmetric potential.