Effect of Multiplicity Fluctuation in Cobalt Ions on Crystal Structure, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of NdCoO3 and SmCoO3

Dudnikov, Vyacheslav A.; Orlov, Yuri S.; Solovyov, Leonid A.; Vereshchagin, Sergey N.; Gavrilkin, Sergey Yu.; et al. Molecules. doi:10.3390/molecules25061301

The structural, magnetic, electrical, and dilatation properties of the rare-earth NdCoO3 and SmCoO3 cobaltites were investigated. Their comparative analysis was carried out and the effect of multiplicity fluctuations on physical properties of the studied cobaltites was considered. Correlations between the spin state change of cobalt ions and the temperature dependence anomalies of the lattice parameters, magnetic susceptibility, volume thermal expansion coefficient, and electrical resistance have been revealed. A comparison of the results with well-studied GdCoO3 allows one to single out both the general tendencies inherent in all rare-earth cobaltites taking into account the lanthanide contraction and peculiar properties of the samples containing Nd and Sm.