The Influence of the Reaction Conditions on the Size of Silver Nanoparticles in Carey Lea's Concentrated Sols

Vorobyev, Sergey A.; Likhatski, Maksim N.; Romanchenko, Alexander S.; Ivanenko, Timur Y.; Masharova, Diana A.; et al. Journal Of Siberian Federal University-chemistry. DOI: 10.17516/1998-2836-0190

The reaction of reduction solution of Ag (I) by Fe (II) citrate complex was studied herein. This allows you to receive silver nanoparticles with high stability with a concentration above 60 g/l. It was determined that the nanoparticles size depends on the injection rate, mixing rate, reagent concentration, pH and some post-synthetic operations on the average size of nanoparticles. It was shown that decreasing the concentration of Ag (I) and increasing the concentration of stabilizer also bringing pH to 7 lead to small and uniform particles. Optimal conditions were found that made it possible to reduce particle size and reduce the concentration of reagents by 33 % in the results. According to XPS, TEM, DLS and FTIR datas, nanoparticles of metallic silver with a size of 6.5±1.8 nm were obtained, which stabilized by the product of partial decay of the citrate ion