Ferromagnetic and Spin-Wave Resonance in the [CoFe/Cu](N) Superlattice Thin (30-nm) Film

Vazhenina, I. G., Iskhakov, R. S., Rautskii, M. V., Milyaev, M. A., & Naumova, L. I. Physics of the Solid State. DOI: 10.1134/S1063783420010357

Angular dependences of the microwave absorption spectra of a (CoFe/Cu)N multilayer film have been studied by the ferromagnetic and spin-wave resonance techniques. The critical angle θc indicating the ranges of excitation of uniform and nonuniform spin modes, type of the boundary conditions, and surface anisotropy and exchange coupling constants have been established. It is shown that the accuracy of identification of individual modes in the spectra plays a key role in the analysis of the detected curves.