Structural Changes of Co Caused a Change of the Solution pH During Chemical Deposition

Podorozhnyak, Sergey A.; Chzhant, Anatoly, V; Maltsevt, Vadim K.; Krayuhin, Ivan N.; Patrin, Gennady S.; et al. Journal Of Siberian Federal University-mathematics & Physics. DOI: 10.17516/1997-1397-2020-13-4-451-458

The phase transformations of the Co lattice are discussed, which determine the anomalous changes in the magnetic properties of chemically deposited Co-P films obtained at various pH values. The coercivity of the Hc films obtained at low pH values exceeds 1 kOe and decreases to several units Oe in the films obtained at high pH values. It is shown that the observed changes in the magnetic properties of Co-P films are caused by the transition of the cobalt crystal lattice to the nanocrystalline state