Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Thermodynamic Properties of LuGaTi2O7

L. T. Denisova, M. S. Molokeev, L. G. Chumilina, Yu. F. Kargin, V. M. Denisov & V. V. Ryabov . Inorganic Materials . DOI

Single-phase LuGaTi2O7 samples have been prepared by solid-state reaction in a starting mixture of Lu2O3, Ga2O3, and TiO2 via sequential firing in air at temperatures of 1273 and 1573 K. The crystal structure of the lutetium gallium dititanate has been determined by the Rietveld method (profile analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns of polycrystalline powders): sp. gr. Pcnb; a = 9.75033(13) Å, b = 13.41425(17) Å, c = 7.29215(9) Å, V = 957.32(2) Å3, d = 6.28 g/cm3. The heat capacity of LuGaTi2O7 has been determined as a function of temperature by differential scanning calorimetry in the range 320–1000 K. The Cp(T) data thus obtained have been used to calculate the principal thermodynamic functions of the oxide compound.