Kramers Degeneracy and Spin Inversion in a Lateral Quantum Dot

Pichugin, Konstantin; Puente, Antonio; Nazmitdinov, Rashid SYMMETRY-BASEL. DOI: 10.3390/sym12122043

We show that the axial symmetry of the Bychkov-Rashba interaction can be exploited to produce electron spin-flip in a circular quantum dot, without lifting the time reversal symmetry. In order to elucidate this effect, we consider ballistic electron transmission through a two-dimensional circular billiard coupled to two one-dimensional electrodes. Using the tight-binding approximation, we derive the scattering matrix and the effective Hamiltonian for the considered system. Within this approach, we found the conditions for the optimal realization of this effect in the transport properties of the quantum dot. Numerical analysis of the system, extended to the case of two-dimensional electrodes, confirms our findings. The relatively strong quantization of the quantum dot can make this effect robust against the temperature effects.