Experimental Study of Transport Coefficients of Aqueous Suspensions of Nanodiamonds

Pryazhnikov, M. I.; Minakov, A. V.; Lyamkin, A. I.; Red'kin, V. E.; Zharkov, S. M.; et al. Colloid Journal. https://doi.org/10.1134/S1061933X20060101

This article presents experimental data on the coefficients of viscosity and thermal and electrical conductivities, as well as the absorption spectra, of suspensions of ultradispersed diamonds. Suspensions of UDA-S and UDP-A detonation nanodiamond particles, as well as UDP-AG diamond–graphite powder, are used in the experiments. The concentration of nanodiamonds in distilled water is varied within a range of 0.5–5 wt %. It is shown that the technology of purification diamond powders from side products of their synthesis substantially affects the physicochemical properties of aqueous suspensions of these powders