Electronic Structure and Conductivity of a Disordered A(1-)(x)B(x) Binary Alloy in the Cluster Approach for the Hubbard Model

Nikolaev, S., V; Orlov, Yu S.; Dudnikov, V. A. Journal Of Experimental And Theoretical Physics. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1134/S1063776120100131

We propose a method for calculating the electronic band structure of disordered systems with strong electron correlations. Various approaches to the description of electrical conductivity of disordered systems are considered. Calculations are based on determining the one-particle Green function of the system, which is averaged over different configurations of a cluster, on the Boltzmann formalism, and the Kubo linear response theory. As the basic model, we use the Hubbard model for an A1 – xBx binary alloy.