Structure and Magnetic Properties of the FeCo-C Films Reduced by Carbohydrates

Denisova, E. A.; Chekanova, L. A.; Komogortsev, S. V.; Nemtsev, I. V.; Iskhakov, R. S. Semiconductors.

The structural and magnetic properties of FeCo–C films produced by electroless plating with different carbohydrates as reducing agents have been investigated. The surface morphology and coercivities of FeCo–C films are dependent on the iron content and type of reducing agent. The local magnetic anisotropy field value increases with a decrease in Fe content. For all systems, deposits with good soft magnetic properties were obtained, with coercivities less than 12 Oe and saturation magnetizations close to 240 emu/g for FeCo–C film with 30% cobalt. The best soft magnetic properties corresponded to the deposits with bcc structure and grain sizes less than 20 nm.