The Ca2+-Regulated Photoprotein Obelin as a Tool for SELEX Monitoring and DNA Aptamer Affinity Evaluation

Vasilisa V. Krasitskaya Natalia S. Goncharova Vladislav V. Biriukov Eugenia E. Bashmakova Marsel R. Kabilov Ivan K. Baykov Aleksey E. Sokolov Ludmila A. Frank. Photochemistry And Photobiology.

Bioluminescent solid‐phase analysis was proposed to monitor the selection process and to determine binding characteristics of the aptamer–target complexes during design and development of the specific aptamers. The assay involves Ca2+‐regulated photoprotein obelin as a simple, sensitive and fast reporter. Applicability and the prospects of the approach were exemplified by identification of DNA aptamers to cardiac troponin I, a highly specific early biomarker for acute myocardial infarction. Two structurally different aptamers specific to various epitopes of troponin I were obtained and then tested in a model bioluminescent assay.