Hyperbolic metamaterial for the Tamm plasmon polariton application

Rashid G. Bikbaev, Stepan Ya. Vetrov, and Ivan V. Timofeev. Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol. 37, Issue 8, pp. 2215-2220 (2020) •https://doi.org/10.1364/JOSAB.394935

The possibility of using a hyperbolic metamaterial to form conventional and epsilon-near-zero Tamm plasmon polaritons in the near-infrared and visible spectral ranges is demonstrated. The spectral properties of the hyperbolic metamaterial are investigated in the framework of the effective medium theory and confirmed by the transfer matrix method. It is found that at the oblique incidence of light onto a structure, the I-type hyperbolic metamaterial can be implemented, while II-type cannot. The sensitivity of the epsilon-near-zero wavelength to the variation in the angle of light incidence for TE and TM waves is demonstrated. It is shown that both the high-quality and broadband Tamm plasmon polaritons are excited in the investigated structures.