Crystal Structure of Three Ionic Compounds of Levofloxacin

Vasiliev, A. D.; Golovnev, N. N. Journal Of Structural Chemistry. DOI: 10.1134/S0022476619120114

The structures of three ionic compounds of levofloxacin (LevoH or Ci(18)H(20)FN(3)O(4)) - LevoH(3)[CoCl4]-H2O (I), LevoH(3)[ZnBr4]center dot H2O (II), LevoH(3)[CuBr4]-H2O center dot(III) are determined. The crystals of I-III are monoclinic; in compound III, the particles are packed so that the direction of the screw axis does not coincide with the largest unit cell parameter. The asymmetric unit of the unit cell contains two LevoH(3)(2+) and CoCl42- ions and two crystallization water molecules in I; two LevoH(3)(2+) and MBr42- (M = Cu, Zn) ions and two crystallization water molecules in II and III. The absolute structure of the crystals and the configuration of the chiral center of the levofloxacinium cation S are determined. The structures are stabilized by multiple hydrogen bonds, X-Y pi and pi-pi interactions.