Synthesis, Structure, and Thermophysical Properties of Pb10- Bi-x(x)(GeO4)(2+) xVO4)(4-) (x) (x=0-3) in the Temperature Range of 350-950 K

Denisova, L. T.; Molokeev, M. S.; Denisov, V. M.; Golubeva, E. O.; Galiakhmetova, N. A. Physics Of The Solid State.

The Pb10 - Bi-x(x)(GeO4)(2 +) (x)(VO4)(4 -) (x) (x = 0-3) compounds with an apatite structure have been obtained for the first time from the initial PbO, Bi2O3, GeO2, and V2O5 oxides by the solid-state synthesis in the temperature range ...