Structure and physical properties of hydrogenated (Co plus Al)-doped ZnO films: Comparative study with co-doped ZnO films

Samoshkina, Yulia E.; Edelman, Irina S.; Chou, Hsiung; Lin, Hsien-Chi; Dwivedi, Gopeshwar D.; et al. Materials Science And Engineering B-advanced Functional Solid-state Materials. DOI: 10.1016/j.mseb.2020.114943

(Co + Al)-doped ZnO films have been synthesized by the RF magnetron sputtering. Films of this composition have first been obtained in mixed atmosphere of Ar + H-2. High hydrogen concentration of 20-50% has been used together with high enough substrate temperature of 450 degrees C. The used technological conditions affected the morphology, chemical composition, optical, electric, and magnetic properties of the films to an even more than in the case of Co-doped ZnO films synthesized under the same conditions and studied earlier. The films exhibit ferromagnetic behavior at room temperature with much greater magnetization and magneto-optical activity compared to the Co-doped films. At the same time, the hydrogenated films show an increase in electric conductivity in comparison with samples synthesized in the atmosphere of Ar + O-2. The magnetic nature of the hydrogenated films has been associated with the defect-related mechanism.