Magnetodielectric effect and spin state of iron ions in iron-substituted bismuth pyrostannate

Lubov Udod, Sergey Aplesnin, Maxim Sitnikov, Oxana Romanova, Oleg Bayukov, Alexander Vorotinov, Dmitriy Velikanov & Gennadiy Patrin. European Physical Journal Plus.

The magnetic and magnetodielectric properties of bismuth pyrostannate Bi2(Sn1xFex)2O7Bi2(Sn1−xFex)2O7 (x=0.1x=0.1 and 0.2) have been examined. Using the Mössbauer spectroscopy and electron paramagnetic resonance, the high-spin state and crystallographic positions of iron ions have been established. The coexistence of triclinic symmetry domains in the Bi2(Sn1xFex)2O7(x=0.1)Bi2(Sn1−xFex)2O7(x=0.1) compound with the monoclinic symmetry below 140 K has been found. For the Bi2(Sn1xFex)2O7Bi2(Sn1−xFex)2O7 composition with x=0.2x=0.2, the nonlinear field dependence of magnetization in the paramagnetic region up to room temperatures has been observed. The electric polarization hysteresis and the magnetoelectric effect in the Bi2(Sn1xFex)2O7Bi2(Sn1−xFex)2O7 compound have been disclosed. The magnetic field-dependent anomalous behavior of magnetization has been explained by the magnetoelectric effect.