Gapless Chiral Superconducting (d plus id)-Wave Phase in Strongly Correlated Layered Material with a Triangular Lattice

Val'kov, V. V.; Val'kova, T. A.; Mitskan, V. A. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics volume 130, pages235–246(2020). DOI:

It is shown that interlayer electron tunneling in the quasi-two-dimensional ensemble of Hubbard fermions leads to the realization of the gapless superconducting phase with the chiral (d + id)-wave order parameter symmetry, not for a single value of sodium ion concentration, but in a wide range of concentrations. Precisely this situation corresponds to experimental data on the layered sodium cobaltite intercalated by water (NaxCoO2 ⋅ yH2O). Intra-atomic electron repulsion that determines the strong electron correlation regime leads to the representation of Hubbard fermions, the interaction of which ensures Cooper instability. Intersite intralayer interactions between fermions considerably affect the positions of nodal points of the chiral order parameter and change the critical concentration at which a topological transition occurs in the 2D system of Hubbard fermions.