Hydrates of Lanthanide(III) 2-Thiobarbiturates: Synthesis, Structure, and Thermal Decomposition

Golovnev, N. N.; Molokeev, M. S.; Lesnikov, M. K.; Samoilo, A. S. Russian Journal Of Inorganic Chemistry. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1134/S0036023620070098

The hydrates Ln(Htba)3 ∙ 3H2O (Ln = Yb (I), Er (II), Ho (III); Н2tba = 2-thiobarbituric acid), Ln(Htba)3 ∙ 2H2O and Ln(Htba)3 ∙ 8H2O were crystallized from aqueous solutions. According to single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis data, the structure of monoclinic crystals of isostructural complexes IIII was [Ln2(H2O)62-Htba-О,O')4(Htba-О)2]n. The formation of isostructural Ln(Htba) ∙ 2H2O (Ln = La, Ce, Eu, Yb, Lu), Ln(Htba)3 ∙ 8H2O (Ln = Eu, Tb, Ho, Yb) and Y(Htba)3 ∙ nH2O (n = 2, 8) was confirmed by the comparison of X-ray diffraction patterns, and their composition was determined by elemental and thermal analyses. The stability of crystal hydrates under heating in an air atmosphere and in contact with their saturated solutions was studied.