Collective Lattice Resonances in All-Dielectric Nanostructures under Oblique Incidence

Utyushev, Anton D.; Zakomirnyi, Vadim, I; Ershov, Alexander E.; Gerasimov, Valeriy S.; Karpov, Sergey, V; et al. Photonics.

Collective lattice resonances (CLRs) emerging under oblique incidence in 2D finite-size arrays of Si nanospheres have been studied with the coupled dipole model. We show that hybridization between the Mie resonances localized on a single nanoparticle and angle-dependent grating Wood–Rayleigh anomalies allows for the efficient tuning of CLRs across the visible spectrum. Complex nature of CLRs in arrays of dielectric particles with both electric dipole (ED) and magnetic dipole (MD) resonances paves a way for a selective and flexible tuning of either ED or MD CLR by an appropriate variation of the angle of incidence. The importance of the finite-size effects, which are especially pronounced for CLRs emerging for high diffraction orders under an oblique incidence has been also discussed