Reversible and Irreversible Propagation of Quantum Information and Its Manifestation in Multiple-Quantum NMR Spectra in Solids

V. E. Zobov & A. A. Lundin. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. DOI

On the basis of the earlier developed statistical theory of the growth of the effective size of correlated clusters (the number of correlated spins), an expression for the shape of the multiple-quantum (MQ) NMR spectrum is obtained that takes into account the loss of coherence in a spin system due, for example, to the controlled intervention of the experimenter. It is shown that the scrambling and decoherence processes in the MQ spectrum of the multiparticle system of a solid are not separated, unlike the corresponding spectra of some large isolated molecules [27] in a solution. The relations obtained allow one to extract the necessary information about the above processes (scrambling and decoherence) from the dependence of the MQ spectra on experimental parameters.