Light interference in a hybrid-aligned nematic layer with nonordered surface disclination lines

Alexander M. Parshin, Alexey V. Barannik, Victor Y. Zyryanov, and Vasily F. Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol. 37, Issue 7, pp. 2053-2057 (2020) •

The propagation of a laser beam through a hybrid-aligned nematic layer with a surface disclination line has been investigated. A model of the light interference has been developed to consider the scattering by the structural inhomogeneities. The analytical expression that includes the factor characterizing an exponential decrease in the light scattering has been obtained. The dependence of the intensity of light transmitted through the layer on the magnetic field has been measured. The dependence has been accompanied by the interference oscillations. The theoretical expression is consistent with the experiment, which confirms the correctness of the model concepts.