Bismuth activated full spectral double perovskite luminescence materials by excitation and valence control for future intelligent LED lighting

Wei, Y (Wei, Yi)[ 1 ] ; Yang, H (Yang, Hang)[ 1 ] ; Gao, ZY (Gao, Zhiyu)[ 1 ] ; Xing, GC (Xing, Gongcheng)[ 1 ] ; Molokeev, MS (Molokeev, Maxim S.)[ 2,3,4 ] ; Li, GG (Li, Guogang)[ 1 ]. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Том: 56 Выпуск: 64 Стр.: 9170-9173 DOI: 10.1039/d0cc03975f

A novel La2Mg1.14Zr0.86O6:Bi(3+)double perovskite phosphor with excitation-induced blue/green photoluminescence tuning is reported. By designing Bi3+-> Eu(3+)energy transfer, single-composition white light with wide-scale adjustable corrected color temperatures (CCTs) is successfully achieved. This work initiates a new insight to explore phosphors with excitation-induced photoluminescence tuning and wide CCT control for future intelligent LED lighting.