Small-Angle Scattering and Radiation Polarization by a Stretched Polymer Film with Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets Having a Single-Domain Structure

Loiko, V. A.; Konkolovich, A. V.; Miskevich, A. A.; с соавторами. OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY DOI: 10.1134/S0030400X20030121

The coefficient of directed transmittance of a stretched polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with a defect-free single-domain liquid crystal droplet structure formed by a stretched surfactant-doped film and the polarization degree of forward-transmitted light in the visible and near-infrared spectrum ranges are studied. Results are presented for the 5CB, E7, and E44 nematic liquid crystals. Dependences of the transmission coefficient and polarizing ability of the film on the photodetector field of view are studied. Relationships allowing one to determine film parameters at which the transmission coefficient and polarizing ability of the films simultaneously reach values close to limit ones (0.5 and +/- 1.0, respectively) are obtained in the Foldy-Twersky and anomalous diffraction approximations.