Thallium ionic conductivity of new thallium indium hafnium molybdate ceramics

Victoria G. Grossman, Jibzema G. Bazarova, Maksim S. Molokeev & Bair G. Bazarov. Ionics. DOI

In the process of studying the system Tl2MoO4–In2(MoO4)3–Hf(MoO4)2, a new thallium indium hafnium molybdate was found. The crystal structure of the molybdate Tl5InHf(MoO4)6 was determined in the centrosymmetric space group R3¯¯¯c (a = 10.63893 (5) Å, c = 38.1447(3) Å; V = 3739.04 (4) Å3, Z = 6). The structure is a three-dimensional framework consisting of alternating (Hf,In)O6-octahedra connected by МоО4-tetrahedra. Each octahedron has common vertices with tetrahedra. The atoms arranged in this way form channels extended along with the a and b axes, in which thallium atoms are located. The conductivity behavior of Tl5InHf(MoO4)6 ceramics was studied in the temperature range from 300 to 870 K. The conductivity of the heavy cations of thallium is activated with increasing temperature.