Thickness dependences of coercivity in three layer films obtained by chemical deposition

Chzhan, A. V.; Podorozhnyak, S. A.; Shahov, A. N.; Velikanov, D. A.; Patrin, G. S. Vii Euro-asian Symposium Trends In Magnetism. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1389 012118

The change of the coercivity Hc of three-layer films obtained by chemical deposition depending on the thickness of the nonmagnetic interlayers and magnetic layers are presented. Structures with magnetically identical soft layers, as well as with significantly different HC values were investigated. It was established that in both cases thecoercivity decreases with the interlayer thickness increasing by an exponential law. It is consistent with a change in the displacement field of the hysteresis loop. The observed changes in the parameters of the hysteresis loop are associated with the roughness of the interfaces.