Collective Spin Glass State in Nanoscale Particles of Ferrihydrite

Stolyar, S., V; Yaroslavtsev, R. N.; Ladygina, V. P.; Balaev, D. A.; Pankrats, A., I; et al. Semiconductors. DOI

Ferromagnetic resonance was used to study three types of ferrihydrite nanoparticles: nanoparticles formed as a result of the cultivation of microorganisms Klebsiella oxytoca; chemically prepared ferrihydrite nanoparticles; chemically prepared ferrihydrite nanoparticles doped with Cu. It is established from the ferromagnetic resonance data that the frequency-field dependence (in the temperature range ТP < T < T*) is described by the expression: 2πν/γ = НR + HA(T = 0)(1 – T/Т*), where γ is the gyromagnetic ratio, HR is the resonance field. The induced anisotropy HA is due to the spin-glass state of the near-surface regions. TP temperature characterizes the energy of the interparticle interaction of nanoparticles.