The phases formed in Sn/Co thin bilayer upon heating

Eremin, L., Matsynin, A., Balashov, Y., (...), Bykova, L., Komogortsev, S.// Journal of Solid State Chemistry//

The structure and phases formed in Sn/Co thin films are interesting both from the solid-state chemistry point of view and due to applications of such a metallic bilayer. The phases forming in thin films Sn/Co obtained by thermal vacuum evaporation on two different substrates SiO2 and MgO(100) at different annealing temperatures have been studied. Annealing above 110°С results in intermetallics formation in the films. The hcp-cobalt is grown in the films on SiO2 substrate, and the fcc-Co is observed on MgO(100) substrate. It is found that the stable α-Co3Sn2 intermetallic is formed at higher annealing temperature in film on MgO(100) substrate. We show that transformations related to mass transfer in the Sn/Co bilayers were up to 500°С and were finished upon reaching the thermodynamically equilibrium phase composition at this temperature.