Tamm plasmon polariton-based planar hot-electron photodetector for the near-infrared region

Konov, Yurii V; Pykhtin, Dmitrii A; Bikbaev, Rashid G; Timofeev, Ivan V// Nanoscale//


Light-trapping devices have always been a topic of intense interest among researchers. One such device that has gained attention is the hot-electron photodetector with a tunable detection wavelength. Photodetectors based on plasmon nanostructures that provide excitation of surface plasmon polaritons are challenging to manufacture. To address this issue, a planar hot-electron photodetector based on a Tamm plasmon polariton localized in a metal–semiconductor-multilayer mirror structure has been proposed in this study. The parameters and materials of the structure were adjusted to ensure perfect absorption at the resonance wavelength. As a result, the photoresponsivity of the proposed device can reach 42.6 mA W−1 at 905 nm. For the first time, the photosensitivity was calculated analytically by solving the dispersion law for the Tamm plasmon polariton.