Synthesis of Ni nanoclusters supported on diamond by plasma technique and their electrochemical properties

Nikolaev, Nikita; Isakova, Victoria; Vnukova, Natalia; Elesina, Victoria; Glushenko, Gariy; Tomashevich, Yevgeny; Churilov, Grigory// Diamond and Related Materials//

In this study, particles of synthetic undoped diamond (DN) obtained via the high pressure – high temperature method were coated with a nickel shell using metallic nickel plasma in a two-jet plasma generator with gas vortex and magnetic flux stabilization. Through the use of scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, we observed the formation of a nickel diamond composite with a core-shell structure, where DN serves as the core and Ni nanoclusters form the shell (DN@Ni). The results of voltammetric analysis indicated that DN@Ni, when deposited on a graphite electrode, exhibited significant electrocatalytic activity in the oxidation of methanol and paracetamol in an alkaline electrolyte.