Synthesis and Activation of TiO2 Photonic Crystal Structures for Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

Kenova, Tatyana A.; Zos’ko, Nikolay A.; Pyatnov, Maxim V.; Aleksandrovsky, Aleksandr S.; Maksimov, Nikolay G.; Zhizhaev, Anatoly M.; Taran, Oxana P.// Journal of Siberian Federal University: Chemistry//

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TiO2 photonic crystal nanostructure films are anodic synthesized with pulsed and stepwise voltage changes. The obtained photonic structures were activated by cyclic voltammetry in 0.5M Na2SO4. The photoelectrochemical activity of the electrodes was studied in the water splitting reaction in the wavelength range 360–700 nm. Activation leads to a change in the band gap energy, a red shift in the IPCE spectrum and an increase in its values in the studied wavelength range