Study of the Magnetic Properties of Neodymium and Samarium Iron Borates by the Method of Erbium Spectroscopic Probe

Chukalina, E.P., Jablunovskis, A., Gudim, I.A.// Optics and Spectroscopy//

Iron borates NdFe3(BO3)4 and SmFe3 (BO3)4 activated with 1% erbium, with ahuntite structure (space symmetry group R32) were investigated by the method of erbium spectroscopic probe. From an analysis of the temperature dependence of the transmission spectra in the region of the 4I15/2 → 4113/2 transition in the Er3+ ion, it was found that both studied compounds order antiferromagnetically at TN ≈ 33 K into an easy-plane magnetic structure. No other phase transitions were found.