Relaxation of the trapped magnetic flux in a mesoscopic HTS with artificial pinning in the form of submicron holes

Maksimova, A.N., Gokhfeld, D.M., Moroz, A.N., Kashurnikov, V.A.// Chinese Journal of Physics//

Vortex relaxation has been studied in a microsized HTS with various distributions of artificial pinning in the form of submicro-holes. It has been shown that, in some cases, for a superconductor with dimensions up to several micrometers, the time dependences of the trapped magnetic field do not correspond with the collective creep model. The dependences of the trapped-field relaxation rate and vortex activation energy on the magnetizing field (up to 0.5 T) and temperature (up to 50 K) have been obtained. It has been shown that the presence of submicro-holes slightly increases the relaxation rate, mainly due to the decrease in the number of random nanosized pinning centers.