Interlayer Interaction and Coercivity of Three-Layer Films Obtained bу Chemical Deposition

Chzhan, A.V., Orlov, V.A., Volochaev, M.N.// Physics of Metals and Metallography//

The results of experimental and theoretical studies of the coercivity and the dipole coupling field of the hysteresis loop on the thickness of the nonmagnetic interlayer in magnetic films, which are obtained via chemical deposition, are presented. Using model calculations based on the Landau–Ginzburg equations, the exchange interactions between magnetic layers with the participation of atoms from the nonmagnetic interlayer are studied. The resulting expression for the dipole coupling field describes well the exponential changes in the dipole coupling field as a function of the interlayer thickness in structures with both soft magnetic layers and layers with significantly different values of the coercivity.