Intense charge transfer plasmons in golden nanoparticle dimers connected by conductive molecular linkers

Fedorov, A.S., Visotin, M.A., Lukyanenko, A.V., Gerasimov, V.S., Aleksandrovsky, A.S.// Journal of Chemical Physics//

Golden nanoparticle dimers connected by conjugated molecular linkers 1,2-bis(2-pyridyl)ethylene are produced. The formation of stable dimers with 22 nm diameter nanoparticles is confirmed by transmission electron microphotography. The possibility of charge transfer through the linkers between the particles in the dimers is shown by the density functional theory calculations. In addition to localized plasmon resonance of solitary nanoparticles with a wavelength of 530 nm, the optical spectra exhibit a new intense absorption peak in the near-infrared range with a wavelength of ∼780 nm. The emergent absorption peak is attributed to the charge-transfer plasmon (CTP) mode; the spectra simulated within the CTP developed model agree with the experimental ones. This resonant absorption may be of interest to biomedical applications due to its position in the so-called transmission window of biological tissues. The in vitro heating of CTP dimer solution by a laser diode with a wavelength of 792 nm proved the efficiency of CTP dimers for achieving a temperature increase of ΔT = 6 °C, which is sufficient for hyperthermia treatment of malignant tumors. This indicates the possibility of using hyperthermia to treat malignant tumors using the material we synthesized.