Ferromagnetic Silicides and Germanides Epitaxial Films and Multilayered Hybrid Structures: Synthesis, Magnetic and Transport Properties

Tarasov, A.S., Lukyanenko, A.V., Yakovlev, I.A., (...), Ovchinnikov, S.G., Volkov, N.V.// Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Planar and vertical hybrid structures, which combine ferromagnetic and semiconductor layers are essential for implementation and study of spin transport phenomena in semiconductors, which is crucial for the advancement and development of spintronics. We have developed approaches for the synthesis of Fe3 + xSi1 – x epitaxial thin films and demonstrated the spin accumulation effect in multiterminal devices based on Fe3 + xSi1 – x/Si. Fe3 + xSi1 – x/Ge/Fe3Si and Fe3 + xSi1 – x/Ge/Mn5Ge3 multilayer hybrid structures were synthesized on a Si(111) substrate, study of their structural, magnetic and transport properties were performed. The effect of synthesis conditions on the growth of epitaxial structures and on their magnetic and transport properties was discussed. The results obtained may prove valuable in the development and fabrication of spintronic devices.