Doped Mott-Hubbard materials with a low quasiparticle transparency

Gavrichkov, V.A.// Physical Review B//

Based on the Wilson's criterion metal/insulator, extended to materials with strong electronic correlations, we have identified a specific class of the materials, which is not associated with their usual classification into Mott-Hubbard and charge transfer dielectrics. The local symmetry of these materials leads to the disappearance of quasiparticle states (so-called first removal or first extra states) in the Hubbard gap. It is especially unusual for doped materials, in which quasiparticles, being charge carriers, can disappear or appear under external factors without the Mott transition being achieved. In this work, we introduce the so-called “quasiparticle transparency”, and provide specific experiments to identify materials with the low quasiparticle transparency. A number of examples of such materials with a spin crossover under high pressure, showing the Jahn-Teller nature, are considered.